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Amex Post

Chronicling two start ups in a 3-month accelerator program, Lumenati developed and produced a six-episode micro documentary series that examined exactly what it takes to start a business. Being an entrepreneur is tough, and this series for American Express provides an in-depth look at the common challenges in getting ideas, managing money and getting customers.

To accompany the series, Lumenati also produced a selection of one-on-one mentor videos, providing valuable insight from mentors that participate in the Boomtown accelerator program in Boulder, CO.

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Poop Super

We all know that the number 2 can be a bummer. Or a bit…well, explosive. Fortunately, Skoop A-Game is a product by Boulder based Skoop that can relieve us of these not so pretty times. Lumenati enlisted our friend and fellow creative director Mike Howard to show us the many sides of number 2. Sit back and let loose while you watch this one.

Drunk Nutrition

Yes, you can drink yourself to healthy skin. But as you can see, you need to drink a lot. If you’re not a fan of hangovers, may we recommend Skoop B Lovely? We spent a day and night getting two young ladies completely plastered in the name of science! A big round of applause for our test subjects. They spent the next few days in bed.


Who says that protein supplements are just for the massive? Skoop believes in plant-based protein for all. So, Lumenati hit the streets to ask everyday people to give their best "muscleman" impressions. Enjoy the flex fest.

Mission Nutrition

Skoop’s mission nutrition program is truly one of a kind. For every serving of Skoop sold, the company will provide a serving of fresh vegetables to school salad bars across the country. Lumenati teamed up with Skoop to make this dream come true. Let’s take care of all these future creative geniuses and feed them healthy meals!

Unleash A Super You

Not feeling as super as you used to feel? Well, grab some Skoop. Designed to unleash your super, yet again.

Check out Skoop's website to learn more:, and make sure to Skoop!

Jam Audio

Jam Audio Rewind

Jam Audio Rewind Product Video

Jam Transit Headphones Product Video

Jam Classic Product Video

Jam Audio was looking for product videos with a little pizzaz. As one of the top selling bluetooth speaker companies in the United States, they wanted to showcase their newest and best selling speakers and headphones in a unique way. Lumenati used stop-motion to create a selection of unique product videos, highlighting their features in a fun and engaging manner.


BOEC Brand Video

BOEC Summer Video

BOEC Winter Video

For more than 35 years, the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) has provided life changing outdoor learning experiences to people of all abilities, with a focus on those with special needs. The Lumenati team was fortunate enough to work with such a meaningful organization. Getting up close and personal with the amazing volunteers and participants at the BOEC is what life is all about.

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Pit Viper

Demand Respect and Authority - the mantra of Pit Viper. To help out our Pit Viper friends, Lumenati created the centerpiece video for their Kickstarter campaign. The results: they blew past their funding goal with over 500 backers.

Backpacker's Pantry

With no previous video content, Backpacker's Pantry needed something to set themselves apart from other outdoor brands. So, they enlisted Lumenati to help develop and produce a unique web video showcasing their products in action. Based off a backpacking trip from Lumenati creative Scott McDonald and Lumenati producer Gavin Anstey, "Adventure Comes in All Shapes and Sizes" juxtaposes two very different approaches to backpacking in the mountains.