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As a collection of filmmakers, we tell stories through video and visual content. For us, filmmaking is a lifestyle. Today it is easier than ever to tell stories through film with the simple device in your pocket. This is what inspired us to create the world’s first Cinematic Smartcase or CS1, which makes filming with your smartphone easier than ever before. We want to take the filming community to the next level.

Mini Fest is a recurring video contest celebrating the ability to create films with the camera you already own, your smartphone! Each competition will be based on a different theme all with the common goal of creating and sharing content with one another.

This month’s theme: create a scene from your favorite movie in 30 seconds or less using your iPhone. The entry with the most votes will win a CS1.

There are just under 2 weeks left to enter, so let’s see those submissions!

Follow the link to enter and vote for your favorite: