Denver International Airport is at the center of some pretty wild conspiracy theories. Ok, so DIA probably isn’t really the secret home to the Illumenati. It is however, home to one of the newest projects by Lumenati.

Working with Pure and Visit Golden, we helped create this spot encouraging visitors to take the Coors Brewery Tour. Between the 40 to 50 tests to master perfect pour, plus a few taste tests, and getting to see the motion control rig in action (think of a jib on steroids), the Lumenati crew had a ton of fun working on this project.

Stop by Terminal B next time you are at DIA to see the spot in person!

Brad Conner (Director), Evan Swinehart (Director of Photography), Drew Aldrich (Producer), JC Borque (Motion Control Operator), Pure Brand Communications (Agency)

 lumenati at DIA