Features we are working on adding to the CS1: 

  • Thinner, Lighter
  • Better audio! Now every CS1 captures great audio without adding mic.
  • Larger eyepiece for a better live preview
  • Removable bottom handle for better tripod and sport shooting
  • New electronic trigger system for more reliable recording

Hello my friends,

We’ve been hard at work since the end of the CS1 Kickstarter. The funds that our backers so lovingly supported us with have enabled us to take the engineering to the next level. We learned a lot from Prototype 1 and are very excited about the progress we have made on Prototype 2. We will be manufacturing a small run of Prototype 2 very shortly! One step closer to delivering to everyone who has pre-ordered!

The announcement of 4K iPhones has everyone at Lumenati stoked for the future of filmmaking. We are lucky to have great fans and supporters who, like us, believe in this new medium of content creation.


Scott McDonald / CoFounder

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